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“Eater’s Readers™, for diners that need a little help reading that delicious menu”

How to Order

Eater’s Readers™ come in a wooden designer box and can be purchased direct from us in assorted optical strengths.

About Dr Greitzer

Dr Manny H. Greitzer, an experienced eye professional  practicing Optometry since 1975 and is the founder of Eater’s Readers™.

Quality & Safety

The optical solutions we have created provide readers with safe and quality made eyewear at a practical cost point to you

Eater’s Readers™ is a concept developed by the principal owner Dr. Manny H. Greitzer in 2007. They allow your establishment to provide readily available common prescription reading glasses, for those that don’t have any with them, as the need in a dark restaurant is so quintessentially an example!

The candle light ambience, the parchment calligraphy menu, or worst of all, the faded print on the check or credit card voucher to be signed, can all render the restaurant patron, hopeless, hapless and helpless, without the Eater’s Readers your restaurateur should provide.

Eater’s Readers™ belie their inexpensive price, and are of ‘Optical Quality’ that Dr Manny H. Greitzer, an Optometrist with 37 years of patient care, stands behind and recommends, all in a beautiful high quality presentation box befitting the venue offering them.

We are well aware that the patron will love and want to permanently borrow the readers, so every box purchased comes with 3 pair for immediate usage, as well as a spare of each of the 3 powers to help read the menu or check.

Additional sets of 3 are quickly available for shipping and at extraordinarily reasonable prices.

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