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Dr Grietzer

Dr. Manny H. Greitzer  is the most experienced Eye Professional in the town of Greenwich Connecticut, practicing Optometry since 1975 and opening Optical Options first in Manhattan and then expanding to Greenwich in 1986.

Doctor Greitzer co-manages laser refractive surgery as well as cataract surgery with Ophthalmology. Providing Eye Exams, Contact Lens Fittings, Eyeglass Services and Fabrication, along with a remarkable Frame Selection.

Eater’s Readers™ is a concept developed by the principal owner Dr. Manny H. Greitzer in 2007 by combining his two higher degrees. His Doctor of Optometry and Post Doctorally, his Masters in Education, having been certified as a Reading Specialist.  Both fields complementary and synergistic to knowing what’s needed in a dark restaurant, especially after having prescribed tens of thousands of reading glass prescriptions.

It allows your facility to provide readily available common prescription reading glasses, for those that don’t have any with them, as the need in a dark restaurant is so quintessentially an example!

The candle light ambience, the parchment calligraphy menu, or worst of all, the faded print on the check or credit card voucher to be signed, can all render the restaurant patron, hopeless, hapless and helpless, without the Eater’s Readers your restaurateur should have to provide for you.

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